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Jason Isbell on WTF With Marc Maron

“I had to write things that scared the shit out of me… I won’t take something out because it scare’s me to put it in, I think that’s bullshit, that’s lying to people… You build an audience that way that’s very similar.” “Exactly. If you’re honest and you’re vulnerable then like-minded people find you.” Jason… Read more »

Moto Mood Board

In an effort to show my work, above is a mood board, or collage of some reference material for an illustration I’m working on. Mood boards are useful for not only establishing a sense of style and direction, but for providing technical guidance. Read why I am documenting my process and showing my work.

Show Your Work

A lot of people are so used to just seeing the outcome of work. They never see the side of the work you go through to produce the outcome. Michael Jackson Austin based (seems to be a theme) writer & artist Austin Kleon has been a huge inspiration of mine. His most recent work, Show… Read more »

Just Talk

Use your blog to connect. Use it as you. Don’t ‘network’ or ‘promote.’ Just talk. Neil Gaiman via Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon on Risk-taking

Risk in life is shooting heroin to see if it’ll make you more like Lou Reed. Risk in life is blowing your savings on an apartment in Paris so you can write The Great American Novel. Risk in life is quitting your job and losing your health insurance just so you can live some Mythical… Read more »

How Do You Look at Your Life?

There are two ways to look at your life: what happened to you or what you did. Frank Chimero From Frank Chimero’s Some Lesson’s I Learned in 2013. I’d highly encourage reading as they are all quite good. For more New Year goodness read my post on why you should ditch your New Year’s resolution.

This Year, Resolve to Forget About Your Goals

This New Year’s Day forget about the resolutions. Instead, implement a set of systems. Goals & resolutions alike are for losers because they have no endgame. If you’re trying to lose 20 lbs, and you reach your goal, then what? Most likely you’ll put that 20 lbs or more right back on because you’ve hit… Read more »

Day 1 – Just Go Outside

Today’s day one of the digi-cleanse. My advice to you. Turn off and take a walk. Leave your phone, change your perspective, borrow a dog, put a leash on your stupid cat even. Just get the fuck off the internet and go outside.

Signing Off – Going Anti-Social

I’m taking a leave of absence from the internet. For the rest of 2013, I am going anti-social. That means no logging on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Dribbble, Feedly and whatever the latest social media channel or reporting tool of the week is. This is not a new concept, and I’m not trying to… Read more »

Following Your Passion is Bad for Business

Dilbert creator, Scott Adams has a recent piece on his secrets to success in the Wall Street Journal. Among them, following your passion is bad for business. But the most dangerous case of all is when successful people directly give advice. For example, you often hear them say that you should “follow your passion.” That… Read more »