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Jason Isbell on WTF With Marc Maron

“I had to write things that scared the shit out of me… I won’t take something out because it scare’s me to put it in, I think that’s bullshit, that’s lying to people… You build an audience that way that’s very similar.”

“Exactly. If you’re honest and you’re vulnerable then like-minded people find you.”

Jason Isbell and Marc Maron from WTF With Marc Maron

Jason Isbell played at Red Butte this past Tuesday. While I’ve seen him with the Drive-by Truckers a couple of times, this was the first time I’ve seen his solo show. The DBT’s have always blew me away in concert, but Jason’s musicianship and craft as a solo performer was truly outstanding. Afterwards I stumbled across his interview with Marc Maron, and their brief discourse on building an audience through vulnerability really resonated with me.

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