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New Work for Mountain Town Music

Recently I’ve been commissioned by Mountain Town Music to create a few posters for their Spring concert series. This one is for the Brothers of the Baladi, an Oregon band that plays Middle Eastern inspired music. I’ve always been an advocate of sketching out your thoughts before touching a keyboard or mouse. While my sketches… Read more »

Holy Water Buffalo Lettering Process

Holy Water Buffalo hails from Heber, UT, and is deeply rooted in the heavy, blues-soaked riffs reminiscent of bands like Jeff Beck Group, Black Sabbath, & Blue Cheer. I first caught a glimpse of them performing at the Corner Store in Park City, and have had my eyes and ears on them ever since. So… Read more »

Creating Current Menu States in WordPress

Rule #1 for creating a good user experience is to make your product as easy to use as possible. Whether it’s a web site, or a vacuum cleaner, if it’s difficult to use it’s a shitty product. In the web world, user experience often get’s overlooked for fancy graphics and unnecessary animation (the old myspace… Read more »