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Not Another 2020 Post…

This is not another “good riddance 2020 post.” While 2020 was certainly unique in its ability to yield a seemingly endless supply of catastrophes on a collective scale – many individuals have surely faced worse years. Instead, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what this past year has helped clarify in my… Read more »

Finding Joy While Running the Hedonic Treadmill of Life

I’ve been reading Atomic Habits by author James Clear over the past few weeks. In Chapter 8, Make it Attractive, Clear explains how to leverage temptation and desire in order to build better habits. However, what compelled me the most was a study he referenced in regards to the dopamine response in mice. In summary,… Read more »

Deep Work & the 80/20 Principle

Another great bit of wisdom that’s come out of reading Deep Work is the 80/20 rule, formally known as the Pareto Principle and also known as the ‘Law of the Vital Few’. The rule is as follows: Roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Through the context of Deep Work and… Read more »

Deep Work on Hidden Brain

Note: The following was originally written back in September, but for whatever reason, I never posted. After revisiting the other day, I thought it was especially relevant within the context of the current pandemic. It’s so tempting, to constantly refresh the headlines, which leads us into a never-ending vortex of doom and gloom. Not only… Read more »

The Four Client Types

Marketing guru Seth Godin offers four paths for clients seeking designers: 1. Those Who Know What They Want These are clients who have done their research and have a sophisticated vision available to execute upon. 2. Those Who Aren’t Quite Sure, But Know What It Looks Like While these clients may not have a complete… Read more »

Un-Hacking The Life Hack

When did everything become a “hack.” Life-hacking, diet-hacking, exercise-hacking — the list goes on. For something to be a hack than there is the implication that there is a correct way of doing things, and hacking is the shortcut. Here’s the thing, regardless of how we’ve been conditioned there is no “right way” to live your life…. Read more »

A Successful Life…

A successful life & career means loving the process – the every day – and not just the harvest. This means choosing a way of life, and a body of work that’s reflective of our values. The eventuality of the work is secondary.

The Sweet Spot

“If you can find the what the overlap is between what you love doing and what people want, I mean, that’s the thing, right, and everybody talks about that – I’m very lucky that I got there. You and I both share the perspective that it took A LOT of struggle, A LOT of struggle,… Read more »

Artists Who Become Great Just Work Harder…

“I believe artists who become great just work harder at it then anyone else. I really do. I mean painters, and things like that, they just work harder. They might have some ability, but they don’t have anymore ability than anyone else. They’re just driven. I think drive is the most important thing.” “But what… Read more »

Rapha’s Head of Design, On Design

…and to me, that’s what design is, it’s not creating the product – it’s the process that you go through. It’s not the final thing, it’s how you got to the final thing. It’s the journey. It’s all the crap that comes with it. From An Inside Look at Rapha