I’m Alex.

I’m a Park City, Utah based designer who sells (and helps others sell) things on the internet.

I make stuff for fun, and for money. The things I’ve made I’m most proud of, are my daughters Josie (pictured) & Emily (not pictured yet). However, so far they are costing a lot more money than they are bringing in. A horrible business decision on my end. I’ve found that things most worth making are usually made for fun. And if they are really fun, then they also make money (someday girls, right?).

Speaking of making money, professionally I run a design consultancy called Workbench Creative. We’re not trying to save the world (though I think it’s a noble cause!) but instead work towards creating brands that encourage a sense of time & place. If this sounds like you, or you’d like to learn more about the work, please do get in touch.

That’s all for now. If this left you wanting to know more about me or my work, feel free to follow along with me on Instagram, view my work, or just say hi.

Also, more often than not, bikes are the answer. Happy trails.

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