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How to be a Man as Overheard in the Goldman Sachs Elevator

If need a good chuckle stray over to the Goldman Sachs Elevator blog and twitter account – @gselevator. Below are few of my personal favorite bits of wisdom extracted from the recent post How To Be A F%#king Man…

  • When people don’t invite you to a party, you really shouldn’t go.
 And sometimes even when you are invited, you shouldn’t go.
  • Eat brunch with friends at least every other weekend. Leave Rusty and Junior at home.
  • Act like you’ve been there before. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the end zone at the Super Bowl or on a private plane.
  • No selfies. Aspire to experience photo-worthy moments in the company of a beautiful woman.
  • There’s always another level. Just be content knowing that you are still better off than most who have ever lived.
  • Piercings are liabilities in fights.
  • Buy a tailored suit before you are thirty. Stay that size.
  • Measure yourself only against your previous self.
  • Take more pictures. With a camera.
  • If you are wittier than you are handsome, avoid loud clubs.
  • If it’s got velvet ropes and lines, walk away unless you know someone.
  • Ignore the boos. They usually come from the cheap seats.
  • Don’t ever say, “it is what it is.”

Kassie & Neko

A photo-worthy moment with a beautiful woman from Gooseberry Mesa. For more visit me on Flickr.

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