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Settling In – Three Years Later

Above: It’s the simple things in life; such as riding your bike to and passing out in the park on a Sunday afternoon. “In the long run, I will optimize a way to decrease car dependence…” In early 2016, a month or two before Josie was born, I was listening to Tim Ferriss’s interview with… Read more »

What My Bio Would Really Say…

Hi, my name is Alex. I’m not sure which is less pretentious, writing in the first, or third person. So instead, I’ll alternate between the two. I make stuff for fun, and for money. The thing I’ve made I’m most proud of, is my daughter Josie. However, so far she is costing a lot more… Read more »

Reinventing Happiness Through Urbanism

I’ve always been fascinated by place. As such, I’m one of those people continually perusing “best places” lists, real estate listings, as well as reading city data and reddit threads in an attempt to seek out the next Austin or Portland. While I’ve visited my fair share of places, I’ve really only made one major… Read more »

Here’s How You Eliminate Traffic in Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons

If you’ve ventured up either of the Cottonwood Canyons on a powder day or weekend, you’ve no doubt experienced the gridlock which has inspired the-not-so flattering Wasangeles epithet. However, I have a plan for eliminating said gridlock traffic. Even better yet, it requires little, if any, additional infrastructure, would improve air quality & safety for… Read more »

Presidents Week Camping Attempt

The plan was to head south for Presidents Week. It’s been a helluva winter, which is certainly not a complaint, however as good as the skiing has been, I’ve been itching to put some rubber on rock in the sunshine. We settled on St. George as it’s relatively close, has accessible camping, and appeared to… Read more »

Merle on Willie on Doing What You Love

Willie has some wisdom about that. He says, “Do what you want to do. In case somebody likes it, then you have to go do it again.” In other words, Sturgill’s doing what he wants to do. That’s the most important thing. No advice from this corner. I’m a fan. I want to see what… Read more »

Thoughts on Race & Privilege

The above video for River by Leon Bridges is some of the most beautiful and moving five minutes of filmmaking I’ve seen as of late. It also has my heart heavy thinking about racial inequality in America, as well as what my role as a white male is in this fight. I have no solutions… Read more »

Branding 101 – Keep it Simple

In an increasingly complex world, they tell simple stories that allow us to mistake their seemingly effortless bluster for assurance—for a confidence that is often built no sturdier than a house of cards but that, in the moment, is impossible to cast aside. From Brandon Harris’s “The Hidden Stars of This Year’s Sundance: Hoaxes, Hucksters,… Read more »

User Experience 101

Well, I’ve been doing web shit for around 20 years, and I’ve built a lot of websites, and I’ve done some testing where I watched people using other websites, and I go to expensive conferences where other people like me explain back at me what it is I do and why I am most likely… Read more »

Here We Go.

2016 should be simple: Work on what you love with people you love in a place you love. @benhuh Today marks my first day as self-employed, which makes the above quote entirely too timely & relevant. While the decision to leave comfortable, gainful employment with a kid on the way comes with it’s own fair… Read more »