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Not Another 2020 Post…

This is not another “good riddance 2020 post.” While 2020 was certainly unique in its ability to yield a seemingly endless supply of catastrophes on a collective scale – many individuals have surely faced worse years. Instead, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what this past year has helped clarify in my… Read more »

Getting Pre-Historic

“We need the possibility of escape as surely as we need hope.” – Edward Abbey

In Remembrance of John Prine

What is there left to say about John Prine that hasn’t already been said – besides, we’re sure gonna miss him. Hope he’s up there enjoying that nine-mile long cigarette this morning. Thanks for everything John.

On Listening to the Whispers

Nearly a year ago to the day, I had the privilege of attending the X4 Summit in Salt Lake City which featured speakers such as President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Richard Branson. Of these, Oprah by far exceeded my expectations and has left a permanent impression. Sitting in the audience one year ago, never would… Read more »

Serenity Now

His words and attitude always suppose a better state of things than other men are acquainted with and he will be the last man to be disappointed as the ages revolve… how blind that cannot see serenity. Former Inhabitants, Walden

Thoughts On Thoreau, John Farmer, & Happiness

In the last paragraph of the chapter Higher Laws from Walden, Thoreau conjectures as to his neighbor’s thoughts after a hard day’s work in the fields. The subject, aptly named John Farmer, is an Irish migrant day-laborer who came to America in search of better a life. Though Farmer seems quite content with his newfound… Read more »

Closer to Fine

The less I seek my source for something definite the closer I am to fine. The Indigo Girls, Covered above by Sicko As I get older I am realizing that are many paths through life. None are inherently better or worse. Focus on what fulfills you and don’t worry about the rest.

2019 In Review

Looking back over the past year, and the decade as a whole, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the good fortune I’ve been blessed with in life thus far. The last decade was certainly a monumental one personally, and I can only hope that the next is nearly as good. A few memories from… Read more »

Saying Goodbye To Mel Dogg

We lost Mel this weekend. Saying goodbye to a loved one is the hardest thing we have to do in life, especially when they’re as kind-hearted and loved as Mellie was. The only comfort available at the moment is in the knowledge that Mel lived a better life than most, if not all. She wanted… Read more »

Everything But Fish

Ask a fisher-person what the allure of fishing is, and the response will mostly include everything but fish. Yes, catching fish is fun, and as the saying goes “the tug is the drug” – which is what ultimately keeps us coming back. However, for even the best angler, the amount of time spent landing a… Read more »