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User Experience 101

Well, I’ve been doing web shit for around 20 years, and I’ve built a lot of websites, and I’ve done some testing where I watched people using other websites, and I go to expensive conferences where other people like me explain back at me what it is I do and why I am most likely… Read more »

Death of the Sidebar.

Squarespace Designer Eric Anderson (@esquareda) caught my attention yesterday with a tweet, “The year 2000 called and it wants it’s sidebar back.” Which proceeded to prompt a dialogue with my inner-web designer. Have sidebars gone the way of landing pages and flash navigations? The sidebar was born out of the Web 2.0 era of web… Read more »

Ford Broncos, Sketchbooks, & Web Design. It Must be Friday.

Most people will forever associate the Ford Bronco with either OJ Simpson or the Orange Mocha Frappuccino. Either way, the early-model Ford Bronco captures the wild American aesthetic like no other off-road vehicle has done since. The Need Supply Co. has a great write-up on the Ford Bronco with more eye-candy to go with it… Read more »

Brian Eno on Design

The trouble begins with a design philosophy that equates “more options” with “greater freedom.” Designers struggle endlessly with a problem that is almost nonexistent for users: “How do we pack the maximum number of options into the minimum space and price?” In my experience, the instruments and tools that endure (because they are loved by… Read more »

Going Native with Responsive Web Design

To see the live site in action, click here. As a web designer, I have always been frustrated with the lack of control I have over how the user views my design in a live environment. Between inconsistent window sizes, x-browser conundrums, and a limiting screen-font selection, my original Photoshop output is rarely seen in… Read more »

Creating Current Menu States in WordPress

Rule #1 for creating a good user experience is to make your product as easy to use as possible. Whether it’s a web site, or a vacuum cleaner, if it’s difficult to use it’s a shitty product. In the web world, user experience often get’s overlooked for fancy graphics and unnecessary animation (the old myspace… Read more »