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I am a big fan of bike and ski movies. Nothing gets you more stoked for the upcoming season than a well done edit. However, my favorite movies are not necessarily the one’s that feature the gnarliest lines or biggest hucks… but instead are the films that encapsulate the soul or essence of the sport. A few years back Sweetgrass Productions accomplished this with Signatures, a powder-ski film shot exclusively during an epic Japan winter.

Now, with bike season just around the corner here in Northern Utah, I’m going deep into bike mode devouring any bike-related content I can get my hands on. Recently I’ve discovered Ultramontane, a collective who’s made it their mission to embrace the offseason. Their videos are extremely soulful, set to great music (Deer Tick in this one), and are a must watch for anyone waiting for the snow to melt off their local trails. Check them out at

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