August 10, 2012

Time to Get Weird.

Bring on the weekend. Brazilian Girls – Don’t Stop. PS. If you’re ever looking to take your dinner party to the next level, put on this song.

August 10, 2012

Mitch Hedberg on Process

I remember first hearing Mitch Hedberg back in college and thinking how unique he was. His act was so minimal and sparse, essentially one-liner after one-liner, and at the same time, full of depth and craft. His delivery, unparalleled. If you’ve ever tried to repeat a Mitch Hedberg joke you know what I mean.

As evidenced in this video, a lot of work went into creating this simple facade. Mitch was a constant writer, and obsessive note-taker, filling volumes of journals with his observations. His widow, Lynn Shawcroft reveals a little of his flow, and allows us to peek inside Mitch’s inner-workings. It’s a great piece on process and a must watch for fans and non-fans alike. RIP Mitch. Via Austin Kleon.

August 8, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

It’s the first week of August and somewhat sleepy around the interwebs. Just a few more weeks until the end-of-summer freakout. Get it while you can.

Above is a stylish vid from Stanceworks, with one of my favorite tunes from The Velvet Underground, Pale Blue Eyes. Do yourself a favor and listen to this album on repeat a few times. It will change your mood for the better. Guaranteed.

The Californians. Comic gold from SNL. Via Stag Blog.

If you frequent this blog, you’ve noticed I’m a fan of graphic designer James Victore. A few months back He started a weekly Q&A Tuesday video series. There’s a wealth of worthy advice to be consumed. Here’s his latest on bad habits and complaining. James advice, “Go easy on yourself.”

By now I’m sure you’ve seen it, but in case you haven’t, here’s the second full-length trailer for the upcoming Bond flick, Skyfall. Millennial’s might not have much going for us, but we can lay a solid claim to having the best Bond since Connery.

August 2, 2012

My Morning Jacket at Twilight SLC

Who’s stoked for tonight… this guy. It’s about time these boys came back to Utah. See them perform tonight at the Twilight Concert Series in Salt Lake.

August 1, 2012

Weekly Roundup

Lots of good music related links from around the web this week. Today is Jerry Garcia’s birthday, which is what inspired posting the above video from the Festival Express Tour. These clips give me chills every time I watch them. What I would give to go back in time and be on that train with Levon, Jerry, & Janis.

NPR is killing it with their Newport Folk Festival Coverage. Someday I gotta get up to that festival. Here’s a link to My Morning Jacket’s full Newport performance. Brittany from the Alabama Shakes joins them on stage with a tribute to Levon around minute 47. Speaking of which, My Morning Jacket will be playing live from Salt Lake City tomorrow night as part of the Twilight Concert Series.

This past week marked what would have been legendary bluesman Junior Kimbrough’s 82 birthday. Here’s a vid of Junior shakin’ it on down in a Mississippi Juke Joint. Via Stag Blog.

Here’s a cool process video from Little White Lies magazine detailing the printing of their upcoming Lawless issue. The entire issue was hand-printed using woodcuts.

And finally, don’t click on this next link unless you have at least 30 minutes to kill. The Brown bear & salmon cam from Brooks Falls is both addicting and ingenious.