October 26, 2017

Gooseberry Mesa Family Camping Adventure

Gooseberry Mesa

We took advantage of our indian summer over the long fall break weekend to head southward for a family camping adventure up on Gooseberry Mesa. With it’s easy trail access and plethora of picture-perfect campsites, Gooseberry has long-since been a favorite destination – and even more-so now that we can share it with Josie!

Gooseberry Mesa Gooseberry Mesa Gooseberry Mesa Gooseberry Mesa Gooseberry Mesa Gooseberry Mesa Gooseberry Mesa Gooseberry Mesa

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September 26, 2017

The Whole Enchilada Fall Epic

Burro Pass - Whole Enchilada

Into the Mystic via The Whole Enchilada

After years of poor scheduling, I finally managed to snag a ride that’s been on the bucket list since I first heard about it – that is, of course, The Whole Enchilada. For mountain bikers, the Whole Enchilada needs no introduction. It is the holy grail of mountain bike rides in the states, if not the world – and for good reason. Throughout the ride, you’ll climb to above 11,000′ (nearly above the treeline) before the trail drops you 7,000′ over the course of 35 miles. Along the way, you’ll ride through aspen groves on steep alpine singletrack, flowy bermy sections through sage and scrub, traverse across the famous Porcupine Rim on top of it’s chunky mix of slickrock and desert fun, before ultimately finding yourself where the sky meets the earth at the Colorado River. Add to an already epic journey a healthy dose of snow, wind, rain, mud, and sun, and you have an adventure of mythic proportions on par with Homer’s Odyssey.

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July 31, 2017

Room With a View


Historically, the dog days of summer were noted by the rise of Sirius, aka the dog star. Traditionally, they’ve been associated with heat, lethargy, drought, fever and are commonly the hottest, most uncomfortable part of summer. It seems this time of year, I lose interest in most things that don’t involve floating around with a cool drink in my hand – blame it on the dog days.

However, it’s awfully nice this time of year up at 10,000 feet. We even found ourselves bundled up trying to catch heat off the fire.

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July 25, 2017

In Bloom


From last Sunday’s wildflower extravaganza through Alta’s Albion Meadows.

Little Piggy Alta Wildflowers Alta Wildflowers Little Piggy Alta Wildflowers Alta Wildflowers Alta Wildflowers Alta Wildflowers P7230383 P7230356 P7230349 P7230348 P7230406 P7230453 P7230459 P7230485

July 22, 2017



Zirkle Circle hike Outside Steamboat, Colorado.

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June 6, 2017

What My Bio Would Really Say…

Hi, my name is Alex. I’m not sure which is less pretentious, writing in the first, or third person. So instead, I’ll alternate between the two. I make stuff for fun, and for money. The thing I’ve made I’m most proud of, is my daughter Josie. However, so far she is costing a lot more money than she is bringing in. A horrible business decision on my end. I’ve found that things most worth making are usually made for fun. And if they are really fun, then they also make money.

I think design awards are silly. But probably because I’ve never won one. I also think people who try to pass themselves off as brands are also kind of silly. I can say this, because I used to be one of those people. The work you’ll find on this site is work I’m proud of, because I think it’s important to make work you’re excited to show people. Otherwise, what’s the point. I don’t think design is going to save the world. But it could. Which is why I’m most interested in partnering with people and businesses who are working toward building vibrant, diverse communities that encourage a sense of place. Also, more often than not, bikes are the answer.

That’s all for now. I also realize that this is composed entirely in the first-person, which makes my earlier statement irrelevant. Just seemed better this way. If this left you wanting to know more about me, feel free to follow along with my adventures on Instagram or just say hi.