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Here We Go.

Sunrise Over Mount Timpanogos

2016 should be simple: Work on what you love with people you love in a place you love.


Today marks my first day as self-employed, which makes the above quote entirely too timely & relevant. While the decision to leave comfortable, gainful employment with a kid on the way comes with it’s own fair share of anxiety, mostly I’m filled with anticipation and excitement in starting this next chapter as well as the opportunity to focus on work that’s important to me.

Time as a finite resource is an incredibly hard concept to grasp, and perhaps it’s only through major life events that we even begin to understand it. Between expecting our first child in May, and losing one of my best-friends in December, it became more and more obvious that there is never a “right-time” to make such a leap. Staying at a job out of fear or laziness doesn’t do anyone any favors. Moreover, it is a disservice to those who don’t have the opportunity and freedom to change their circumstance.

Fear of the unknown breeds complacency, and though I might fail miserably over the coming months, to not have set out and tried would be a personal exercise in futility. So here’s to the unknown, and whatever happens, know that I’ll be there giving it my best.

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