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Eight Years Later

When I first showed up at Nate’s door nearly a decade ago, I was a green college grad who had just arrived in Utah with little more to his name than a busted Jeep, a good woman, loyal dog, and two month’s rent in his pocket. I knew nothing more about web design than how to create a Flickr account, which was where my portfolio was hosted. However, after being hired, I quickly received a baptism by fire and before I knew it I was creating image sprites and slicing up Photoshop files for export (oh, how things have changed).

Eight years later, I’ve bought and sold a house, bought another house, gotten married to that same good woman, buried a few loved ones, acquired yet another loyal dog, have a baby on the way (oh fuck), grown proficient in a number of programming languages and web platforms, as well as have racked up more memories than one can count. Along the way, Nate has always been there with his most gracious support and oversight, accomplishing what many bosses try and only few achieve by establishing genuine friendships with his employees; a friendship that continues even in my absence at Flint Digital.

Monday marks a new chapter in my life. A chapter that fills me with excitement and anticipation, as well as some anxiousness, did I mention that I have a baby on the way;). However, I want to take this moment to extend my extreme gratitude and appreciation for the opportunities and doors that have been opened to me over the last eight years with Flint Digital. It’s been a great run, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us both collectively and independently.

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