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All-City Macho Man Disc – First Ride

All-City Macho Man

More photos of the All-City Macho Man below.

I’ll preface this write-up with the disclaimer that I am not a roadie. In fact, I’ve been known to poke fun at the subculture. Skin suits are dumb, and I am sure as shit not about to shave my arms or legs. I’ll stand by my hypothesis that if there were less spandex in cycling, there’d by more butts on bikes. Look at the cycling capitals of the world – Copenhagen, Amsterdam, etc… and one thing becomes apparent, you don’t need to be kitted out to have fun on a bike. Which leads me to my next point. The All-City Macho Man is one helluva fun bike be you a corer-than-thou CX racer, or an average-Joe around-towner.

With the days getting shorter, it’s harder to get out pedaling as often as I’d like, however, one way to keep the legs and ass saddle-ready is by commuting by bike. My cycling preferences lean heavily toward the suspension assisted side of the spectrum, and if you’ve ever ridden flat stretches of road on a full-suspension mountain bike, you know that it’s far from the right tool for the job. So I decided to pick up something a bit more commuter-friendly. While I didn’t set out with my eyes on All-City’s Macho Man, I did know I wanted something with a steel frame, gears, and beefy tires. I turned to KSL, Salt Lake’s local classifieds, and what do you know, there’s a stunner in the form of a lightly used All-City Macho Man in my size for a screaming price. Which of course I took as a sign from the bike gods that it was the one true bike for me.

While technically classified as a gravel grinder or cyclocross bike, the Macho Man was exactly what I was looking for in a commuter. The 612 ChroMoly steel frame is by no means light for a bike in this category, however it provides the ride quality and fun factor that you only get from a steel bike. Also, I don’t plan on racing it anytime soon, so weight wasn’t really an issue for me, and the thin clean steel tubes take the form-factor up a notch. The 35c tires provide a stable footprint and offer more forgiveness for the rougher roads and dirt trails common around Park City. Additionally, the Macho Man is a knockout with it’s candy orange and white paint scheme paired with the classic double triangle geometry. It’s obvious that All-City puts much thought into their bikes from the finishing touches to the solid build spec making the Macho Man a next level value, even when buying new. I can say already that with only a handful of rides under my belt, there is no doubt this bike will be a permanent fixture in the bike-stable for many years to come.

All-City Macho Man
All-City Macho Man
All-City Macho Man
All-City Macho Man

Shop All-City on Jenson.

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