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Happy Spring

Doo wop, the most sensual music ever made, the sound of raw sex, of silk stockings rustling on backseat upholstery, the sound of the snaps of bras popping across the USA, of wonderful lies being whispered into Tabu–perfumed ears, the sound of smeared lipstick, untucked shirts, running mascara, tears on your pillow, secrets whispered in… Read more »

Black Sabbath Vol 4

Crank volume, press play. Close eyes, and imagine blasting through the desert with tar stained fingertips. Psychedelics optional.

Fall Music Playlist

Sera Cahoone, Deer Creek Canyon – The sound of changing leaves. Lots of Gillian Welch present in Sera. Shovels & Rope, Birmingham – Suck on this Toby Keith. The Velvet Underground, Some Kind of Love – Great track off one of the best albums around. Lee Fields & The Expressions, My World is Empty Without… Read more »

Neil Young on Fresh Air

There was a guy called Link Wray. And he had a group called the Wraymen and they played a song called Rumble. In about the early 60’s, and that was like a very distorted sounding guitar that was just hairy. I mean it was great. I heard that… and I wanted to play like that…. Read more »

Black Keys Circa 1970

Rodriguez – Only Good for Conversation from his 1970 album Cold Fact. Recorded when Dan and Patrick were just glimmers in their parents’ eyes. Further proof that nothing under the sun is original

Time to Get Weird.

Bring on the weekend. Brazilian Girls – Don’t Stop. PS. If you’re ever looking to take your dinner party to the next level, put on this song.

Dog Days of Summer

It’s the first week of August and somewhat sleepy around the interwebs. Just a few more weeks until the end-of-summer freakout. Get it while you can. Above is a stylish vid from Stanceworks, with one of my favorite tunes from The Velvet Underground, Pale Blue Eyes. Do yourself a favor and listen to this album… Read more »

My Morning Jacket at Twilight SLC

Who’s stoked for tonight… this guy. It’s about time these boys came back to Utah. See them perform tonight at the Twilight Concert Series in Salt Lake.