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Cat Black – Marc Bolan

Cat Black, she is my honeyAll she wants to do is spend my money She’s a real gone chick and I love her so Knocks me out when she does the rock ‘n’ roll What I’m listening to on Rdio.

Ryan Adams – 16 Days Live on Letterman

Originally recorded with Adams’ band, Whiskeytown and released on Strangers Almanac. I can always count on this song along with DBT’s Outfit to pop-up on my Rdio station. Really looking forward to Adams’ upcoming release.

Aida Victoria : Stuck in the South

I dont’ know nothing about southern belles but I can tell you something about southern hell… Gritty southern blues at it’s finest.

Jason Isbell on WTF With Marc Maron

“I had to write things that scared the shit out of me… I won’t take something out because it scare’s me to put it in, I think that’s bullshit, that’s lying to people… You build an audience that way that’s very similar.” “Exactly. If you’re honest and you’re vulnerable then like-minded people find you.” Jason… Read more »

What Heaven Sounds Like…

The 37 second mark of this track is surely what heaven sounds like… and again at 1:48. From the I Heard the Angels Singing Electrifying Black Gospel collection. Listen below.

Remembering Lou Reed

King of cool and culture icon Lou Reed passed away this last weekend. Reed, who was 71, reportedly succumbed to liver disease after foregoing a liver transplant earlier in the summer. Pale Blue Eyes, which can be heard below, is one of my all time favorites. Lou will forever linger on through the sounds of… Read more »

The Strangest of all My Friends

The man is totally committed to the muse of music and he’ll do anything for good musing. And sometimes it’s very strange, I was at Neil’s ranch one day, just south of San Francisco, and he has a beautiful lake, red wing blackbirds, and he asked me if I wanted to hear his new album,… Read more »

Happy Friday Ya’ll.

– Freddie Scott with He Don’t Love You Before you leave today, press play, sit back, and think about how you’re going to absolutely crush this weekend. Then go buy my new shirt.

RIP George Jones

Pour a little out for the Possum this weekend.