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Covers of favorite songs can breathe new life into a familiar work. In some cases, they even become the standard – think Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” (originally recorded by Otis Redding) or “Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones (originally written & recorded by Gram Parsons). However, the best cover songs, take on a whole new meaning,… Read more »

Finding Joy While Running the Hedonic Treadmill of Life

I’ve been reading Atomic Habits by author James Clear over the past few weeks. In Chapter 8, Make it Attractive, Clear explains how to leverage temptation and desire in order to build better habits. However, what compelled me the most was a study he referenced in regards to the dopamine response in mice. In summary,… Read more »

The Legacy of John Prine

…We were amazed by the beauty of the songs he’d written after more than 50 years of writing music. John was still razor-sharp and he still had a story to tell. On the subsequent tour he played to the biggest audiences he’d ever drawn. He turned 72 that year. Jason Isbell from his New York… Read more »

Everything But Fish

Ask a fisher-person what the allure of fishing is, and the response will mostly include everything but fish. Yes, catching fish is fun, and as the saying goes “the tug is the drug” – which is what ultimately keeps us coming back. However, for even the best angler, the amount of time spent landing a… Read more »

Weekending – May 21st Edition

It’s hard to believe that places like this exist less than three hours from my driveway. Harder to believe yet, people live for decades, if not lifetimes, with this practically in their backyard, never to experience it. If you’ve never had the fortune of taking in the expanse as storm clouds roll across the desert… Read more »

Heavy Rotation – May 17 Edition

What I’m watching, reading, and listening to of note. Master of None, Season 2 – I’m three episodes in, and Season 2 is every-bit the masterpiece that Season 1 was. Must-watch television. Silicon Valley, Season 4 – Is Mike Judge the most underrated force in comedy? Probably. At this point Idiocracy is basically a documentary…. Read more »

Happy Birthday Josie May!

You know how people say that everything changes the moment you see your baby for the first time? That you’re filled with overwhelming joy and purpose, and throughout the next few months you walk around in a love soaked stupor fueled by sleep deprivation? Well that’s all complete bullshit. Perhaps some may remember it that… Read more »

Two Things in Life…

There are two things to aim at in life. First, to get what you want; and, after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest achieve the second.” Logan Pearsall Smith from “Life and Human Nature” via Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 1

Reinventing Happiness Through Urbanism

I’ve always been fascinated by place. As such, I’m one of those people continually perusing “best places” lists, real estate listings, as well as reading city data and reddit threads in an attempt to seek out the next Austin or Portland. While I’ve visited my fair share of places, I’ve really only made one major… Read more »

Un-Hacking The Life Hack

When did everything become a “hack.” Life-hacking, diet-hacking, exercise-hacking — the list goes on. For something to be a hack than there is the implication that there is a correct way of doing things, and hacking is the shortcut. Here’s the thing, regardless of how we’ve been conditioned there is no “right way” to live your life…. Read more »