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Branding 101 – Keep it Simple

In an increasingly complex world, they tell simple stories that allow us to mistake their seemingly effortless bluster for assurance—for a confidence that is often built no sturdier than a house of cards but that, in the moment, is impossible to cast aside. From Brandon Harris’s “The Hidden Stars of This Year’s Sundance: Hoaxes, Hucksters,… Read more »

In Praise of Data-Driven Design

When designers don’t know which problems to solve, we spin our wheels. We make products prettier when we could be solving customer’s needs and generating real value. So any company that’s serious about design should get equally serious about listening to customers. What Fuels Great Design by Braden Kowitz

Are You a Commodity?

There are two sets of design professionals. The first set are commodities, and deliver value on a production level. These designers set their rates by the hour, and have a direct relationship between time and money. Typically these professionals have a fair amount of competition, and their market becomes saturated over time. They possess no… Read more »

Show Your Work : SCPW Logo Process (Part III)

We left off with Part 2 of my logo process with a set of refined sketches. The next step is presenting the sketches to the client and determine a final direction, as well as gather any potential feedback they may have. In this case, the client felt the above sketch best communicated the intended brand… Read more »

Paul Jarvis on Doing More & Promoting Less

If the work you’re promoting on social media isn’t getting enough traction to build a customer base, the answer is seldom that you need to promote it more. What it probably means is that you need to do better work–or at least refocus that work to be more valuable to its intended audience. Social media… Read more »

Show Your Work : SCPW Logo Process (Part II)

We left off with Part 1 of my logo process after creating a mood board that reflected the desired style and direction as established in the initial creative brief. Now, with a bit of reference material and inspiration in place, I’ll bang out a couple pages worth of thumbnail sketches. The point of these sketches… Read more »

Show Your Work : SCPW Mood Board (Part 1)

Above: Pinterest Mood Board for SCPW A few months back I committed to showing my work. Well it’s safe to say that I failed miserably, however I am quite excited about a project I’ve been working on for the past few weeks and decided it would be a good time to start sharing my process… Read more »

Link Wranglin’

It’s been a bit since I’ve done a good ol’ fashioned link dump. So here we go with a few odds and ends to make your day more interesting, or at least brighten it up a bit. Starting from above is a short edit I made last weekend featuring the Neko Monster and yours truly…. Read more »

New Sticker Day

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