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Gooseberry Mesa Family Camping Adventure

We took advantage of our indian summer over the long fall break weekend to head southward for a family camping adventure up on Gooseberry Mesa. With it’s easy trail access and plethora of picture-perfect campsites, Gooseberry has long-since been a favorite destination – and even more-so now that we can share it with Josie! See… Read more »

Moab Round 2

Moab is straight-up magic this time of year. So much so, I couldn’t resist heading back down to play bikes in the sunshine again. For more photos and write-up, head over to Park City Mountain Biking. See more photos over at Park City Mountain Biking

We are the Bicyclists

By Ben Weaver. Full transcript below. I come up in the bottoms Through the brambles, the streets, and the singletracks The river carries it’s shoulders out through the fields Everytime it rains the crows post on snagwood and swallow stones from the holes in an old lightning bolt’s shoe We’re the new great explorers who… Read more »

Southern Exposure on Gooseberry Mesa

It’s un-officially desert season in Utah, and as such, we took advantage of the weekend and fled the Wasatch in search of red rock and campfire shenanigans. Which, as it turns out, they dish out in spades up on Gooseberry Mesa. If you enjoyed this post, check out my Ode to Fall.

Strawberry Narrows Forever

The fact that this trail exists and as of last Saturday I had never ridden it is a testament to the sheer abundance of world-class bike access we have in Utah. The Strawberry Narrows trail is worth every bit of the drive from Park City and features epic scenery complete with alpine lakes, golden aspen… Read more »

Out There With All-City

A few weeks back I wrote about my new All-City Macho Man. In addition to simply looking like lots of fun, the above video has me wishing I was out pedaling instead of inside typing. So on that note, I’ll see you Monday. Shop All-City on Jenson.

All-City Macho Man Disc – First Ride

More photos of the All-City Macho Man below. I’ll preface this write-up with the disclaimer that I am not a roadie. In fact, I’ve been known to poke fun at the subculture. Skin suits are dumb, and I am sure as shit not about to shave my arms or legs. I’ll stand by my hypothesis… Read more »

Adventure Report : Prospecting Idaho

Took an adventure up north to Idaho a few weeks back. Activities included backpacking into serene mountain hot springs, backcountry mountain biking through the White Clouds, swimming in high alpine lakes, as well as eating awesome food and drinking good beer. Below are a few photos… for more images and full report, visit Prospecting Idaho.

Shoreline Shred Sesh

Managed to get some time in the saddle on hero dirt last Thursday before the weather moved in. Say what you want about Salt Lake City, but it’s trail access is one-of-a-kind for a city of it’s size. Not to mention spring time is primetime for riding in the valley. The wildflowers were absolutely exploding… Read more »

Link Wranglin’

It’s been a bit since I’ve done a good ol’ fashioned link dump. So here we go with a few odds and ends to make your day more interesting, or at least brighten it up a bit. Starting from above is a short edit I made last weekend featuring the Neko Monster and yours truly…. Read more »