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Somewhere in the West Desert…

Roughly 150 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, there lies some really hot water. Read the full Baker Hot Springs adventure report. For more photos, visit me on Instagram as well as Flickr.

Through the Woods

Images from a snowy afternoon hike somewhere off the Mirror Lake Highway. Tomorrow, we’re hot springs bound. Face shots are plentiful when you’re only 10″ tall. For more photos, visit me on Instagram as well as Flickr.

It’s Bike Season Somewhere…

It might be -18° here in Park City, but it’s bike season somewhere. Check out my photo essay from a road trip earlier this fall to Gooseberry Mesa. Featuring my wonderful wife & the Neko monster in front of the lens. Gooseberry Mesa Adventure Essay >

Hands on the Olympus E-P5

Shop the Olympus E-P5 I’ve owned a DSLR for the past couple of years, however, with the advances in camera phone technology, I found myself all too often sacrificing image quality for the sake of convenience. The iPhone has been great for rekindling my love for photography, however, I felt it was time to start… Read more »

Labyrinth Canyon, Green River

If the river was whiskey and I was a duck, I’d dive to the bottom and I’d never come up. – Charlie Poole There’s no better way to get your head right than to float down a river for an extended period of time. The above photo is from the Labyrinth Canyon section of the… Read more »

Spring Shreddin’

Bike Season in Park City is in full bloom. If you’re not already as stoked to ride as I am, these videos are sure to put you in the mood.

Magnificent Seven

Magnificent Seven Trails – Moab, Utah. For more photos follow me on Tumblr at Let’s Go Native, as well as on Instagram.

Go Outside

The inspiring beauty of the landscape of the American West seems like it could very easily be an agent for rehabilitation against the modern world. Via A Continuous Lean, from Yellowstone and the Adventures of the American West. So true. Can’t help but think how much better off we’d all be if everyone just spent… Read more »

Spring Powder Skiing

17″ Spring Powder Day – Canyons Resort, Utah Powder skiing offers a rare moment for man to commune with mountain. It requires the forces of nature to align just right, and when they do, the result is a bliss so pure it turns grown men as giddy as a school boy on prom night.

Horsethief Bench

Fruita you left us tired and dirty. Til next time.