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Room With a View

Historically, the dog days of summer were noted by the rise of Sirius, aka the dog star. Traditionally, they’ve been associated with heat, lethargy, drought, fever and are commonly the hottest, most uncomfortable part of summer. It seems this time of year, I lose interest in most things that don’t involve floating around with a… Read more »

In Bloom

From last Sunday’s wildflower extravaganza through Alta’s Albion Meadows.

Weekending – May 21st Edition

It’s hard to believe that places like this exist less than three hours from my driveway. Harder to believe yet, people live for decades, if not lifetimes, with this practically in their backyard, never to experience it. If you’ve never had the fortune of taking in the expanse as storm clouds roll across the desert… Read more »

Weekending – April 30th Edition

We took a break from playing bikes for the weekend as snow returned to the Wasatch. What a place we live… See more on Instagram

Moab Round 2

Moab is straight-up magic this time of year. So much so, I couldn’t resist heading back down to play bikes in the sunshine again. For more photos and write-up, head over to Park City Mountain Biking. See more photos over at Park City Mountain Biking

We are the Bicyclists

By Ben Weaver. Full transcript below. I come up in the bottoms Through the brambles, the streets, and the singletracks The river carries it’s shoulders out through the fields Everytime it rains the crows post on snagwood and swallow stones from the holes in an old lightning bolt’s shoe We’re the new great explorers who… Read more »

The Maiden Voyage : Bell Vintage Camper Adventure Rig

In the 60’s and 70’s, there was a boom in camper manufacturing and sales throughout the country. Many of these manufacturers didn’t survive the 80’s oil bust, yet remnants of the era can be found along country roads, abandoned in fields and junkyards. However, back in the heyday of the family road trip, the big… Read more »

Tulum, Mexico Adventure Brief

I finally got my Tulum trip report from our travels to Mexico back in February up on the site. We spent a handful of days in Tulum over President’s Week, and can’t wait to get back, as it was simply incredible. Check out more photos and the write-up on the Tulum adventure brief page.