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California Dreamin’

A few photos from our recent trip to Malibu & Santa Monica for Alejandro & Mariam’s nupitals. Insert all your favorite California song lyrics below.

18 Bests from 2018

It occurs to me that my ’17 Bests from 2017′ post is only a few entries back. So maybe in 2019 I’ll resolve to write more. If not, then you can look forward to ’19 Bests from 2019′ a few posts away. Regardless, as with last year, while the rest of the world was riddled… Read more »

Summer in the Sawtooths

Compiled from our summer road trip up to Stanley, Idaho. Check out the full photo essay here.

Feet on the Street in New Orleans

New Orleans has long been on my list of places to visit – so this year we decided to make it happen for my 33rd birthday. Even better, we talked six good friends in joining us for the celebrations and managed to secure a babysitter for the week (thanks Grandma Karen). The Big Easy was… Read more »

17 Bests from 2017

First, the obvious – as a whole, 2017 was a rough year. However, on a personal level, it was one of the best yet, which mostly can be attributed to watching Josie transition from infancy into toddler-dom. Initially, the goal of this post was 17 of my favorite photos from 2017 which was quickly deemed… Read more »

Gooseberry Mesa Family Camping Adventure

We took advantage of our indian summer over the long fall break weekend to head southward for a family camping adventure up on Gooseberry Mesa. With it’s easy trail access and plethora of picture-perfect campsites, Gooseberry has long-since been a favorite destination – and even more-so now that we can share it with Josie! See… Read more »

The Whole Enchilada Fall Epic

Into the Mystic via The Whole Enchilada After years of poor scheduling, I finally managed to snag a ride that’s been on the bucket list since I first heard about it – that is, of course, The Whole Enchilada. For mountain bikers, the Whole Enchilada needs no introduction. It is the holy grail of mountain… Read more »

Room With a View

Historically, the dog days of summer were noted by the rise of Sirius, aka the dog star. Traditionally, they’ve been associated with heat, lethargy, drought, fever and are commonly the hottest, most uncomfortable part of summer. It seems this time of year, I lose interest in most things that don’t involve floating around with a… Read more »

In Bloom

From last Sunday’s wildflower extravaganza through Alta’s Albion Meadows.

Weekending – May 21st Edition

It’s hard to believe that places like this exist less than three hours from my driveway. Harder to believe yet, people live for decades, if not lifetimes, with this practically in their backyard, never to experience it. If you’ve never had the fortune of taking in the expanse as storm clouds roll across the desert… Read more »